Hi, I am Puneet Khurana.

  • My lifelong purpose is to become better everyday learning from the best minds in the world.
  • Investor by profession (with focus on fundamental analysis). Worked for a couple of hedge funds for many years in past and now managing friends and family money.
  • Besides Investing, Teaching is my passion. I currently teach at various colleges in form of guest lectures including colleges like IIT Delhi (DMS)).
  • I am book nut. Love reading books but that was not always the case. Picked up reading in 2007 and have never looked back. Target is to read good 80-100 books a year. So far meeting the target every year 🙂

What is the website for ?

It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you. – Batman in ‘Batman Begins’

Stoic Investing begins with a clear goal in mind. “To become an ecosystem of learning of financial markets.”

After my academic education, when my real world education begin with my career with few large hedge funds, I found the investing world filled with hypocrisy and secrecy but fortunately I also found some gem of human beings who were like an open book willing to share knowledge.

Avoiding ‘Chauffeurs’

I met numerous investors (usually who were not good) blowing their own trumpets, calling themselves experts/successful, making money by workshops only but not a penny in markets. These so called ‘investors’ but mostly ‘charlatans’ who had the ‘Chauffeur’ knowledge and will lose their way and words on the first intelligent question thrown their way but they will hound the media channels and limelight.

And then there were those who really knew stuff. They focused on paying the dues and keep on learning and stay away from blabbering about it but if you ask them good questions they were more than happy to oblige with an insightful nugget of wisdom.

Direct and Vicarious Learning

I have learned from all of them and live each day to learn more. Learned vicariously from hundreds (over 500 books now in my library and more than that in my ‘Anti-library’) and directly from many great human beings and investors and intend to make this website the source of that wisdom for people passionate about financial markets.

Find YOUR Style


I will make you aware of various investment philosophies that exist.

I will make you learn from the best of the best people in that investment philosophy.

And once you are finished with the most crucial step of finding yourself and what philosophy suits you, I will lead you to the right sources on knowledge within that.

But YOU have to make sure that you never stop, that you never let your curiosity die and that after some effort you STAND for some philosophy which is your own.

Not Warren Buffett’s;
Not George Soros’;
Not Ed Seykota’s;
Not Benjamin Graham’s;
But ‘Yours’.


Let’s learn from all the greats and prosper together.


Win or lose, everybody gets what they want out of the market”

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