Human Misjudgment : Incentive Caused Bias

Let me begin by thanking all the readers for their appreciation of the previous article on ‘availability bias’. And a special thanks to a particular reader, who indirectly gave me the idea about how I wanted to present this next nugget of wisdom by Munger.   This goes on in form of a conversation over […]

Human Misjudgment Series Introduction

  There are only two ways of clearing an exam. The first involves rigorous reading of the books and understanding the fundamental concepts which a subject is trying to teach, and develop a framework.   Once you have a framework, you then assimilate additional information (either via theory or via practical in labs) on that […]

Human Misjudgment : Availability Bias

  Are you planning to buy a specific car? Go out and you will start noticing that so many people have the same car. You never noticed it was so damn popular! Astrology column told you that your lucky number is 999, and miraculously you started seeing that number frequently (house numbers, phone numbers, license […]