India’s premier 'Evidence Driven' Investment Advisory Service
Our edge is a relentless pursuit of evidence of various investment hypothesis which then drives our research process and portfolios

What to expect from us ?

Evidence Driven Research & Strategies for robust portfolio solution

Be it the portfolios that we advise or the asset allocation solutions that we provide, the underlying strategies are based on decades of market learnings rigorously tested for different market conditions. 

We don’t invest simply because we ‘feel’ something works. We ‘test’ our feelings by using our hypothesis testing framework. Discard what isn’t conclusively proven and ingest what is. And we constantly monitor so that we evolve as and when the markets do. 


Narratives play supportive role , not a cental role in our portfolios

Not losing money is of utmost importance.

Risk Management is Critical

While most strategies focus on return side of the equation only, in all our strategies, the primary focus is to NOT lose the hard earned money. 


Risk Management is often the first casualty of crazy return chasing. We ensure that the eye on the prize is not distracting us from the risks.


Skin in the game

Majority (upward of 90%) of CIO and his family members wealth is not invested in anything outside of what is advised for the clients. 

The wealth generation of the CIO is directly tied to that of the Clients.

Founder & CIO

Puneet Khurana, CFA®

CFA(U.S), MBA (MDI, Gurgaon), B. Tech (NIT, Bhopal)

Member – Mensa India, Visiting Faculty (IIT Delhi)

Experience : 14 + years

– 11 years of Equity Research & Portfolio Management 

– Ex Research Head, Billion$ + India Focused hedge fund

– Keynote Speaker at many Investment & Academic conferences 

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