Stoic Podcast Series Ep.7: “Let the numbers talk” – Debashish Basu !!!

Debashish Basu

Few organizations go all guns blazing at the hypocrisy of the industry in which they themselves reside. Moneylife is one such organization. Its magazine is a must read and is recommended by many respectable value investors. Today, we bring you our conversation with the co-founder of this fabulous organization.

I and my friend, Nooresh Merani, meets Debashish Basu in his office in Mumbai to discuss about investment world and his behind the scenes working of the famous Money life newsletters which as per his workings, have outperformed all high paying CIOs of mutual funds and without having access to those well paid resources either. He had his Sherlock Holmes like pipe on his table and with similar wit and intellect he answers our questions and it’s amazing how in-depth he explains his the methodology.



He is also the author of ‘The Scam’, which is a brilliant book which he co-authored with Sucheta Dalal and it is one of the most brilliant piece of financial journalism that you will ever read. It was great to see his books collection. I rarely feel jealous of some collections and his was one to look for.  I couldn’t have left this opportunity and decided to go through some of them and he was gracious enough to sit and discuss few of those with us. The one I am studying in the picture below was my favorite. its called Markets in Motion.




Here are some of Debashish’s achievements:

  • Awarded with Shriram Sanlam Award for excellence in Financial Journalism.
  • Co-author of bestselling books: The Scam and Pathbreakers 1 and Path breakers 2.
  • Has been the member of SEBI’s mutual fund advisory committee.
  • A CA with 3 decades of experience as a journalist.

So without further delay, let’s listen to Debashish.

Notes of the Podcast

[2:18] Hypocrisy of the financial investment world that bothers him

[6:35] Why most fund managers fail to beat the index

[8:20] Regulatory issues in the system

[11:45] What is Moneylife doing differently with equity selection

[13:45] The complete process of Moneylife stock selection

[33:20] Can we time the market? What’s Moneylife way of timing the market

[40:00] Moneylife allocation style. How much to allocate to each stock

[50:00] Exploring technical analysis for improving the market timing scenarios and possible side-stepping of a market crash



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  1. Absolutely amazing stuff Puneet and Nooresh. This podcast series getting better every episode. Great work guys!

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