Stoic Podcast 14 : Jack Schwager – Profiling the Profiler

Some books take legendary status because of the breadth and depth of the content and their ability to become a guiding force for its readers. On one end, we have books like “The Intelligent Investor“ and “Security Analysis“ from Benjamin Graham which are always in an investors reading list. Similarly, if you ask the traders, […]

Stoic Podcast Episode 12 – Winning a Loser’s Game : Anoop Bhaskar

There are two kinds of people in our Investing industry: Who have little experience of out-performance – that too primarily during a Bull market. Who consistently outperforms, across the market cycles, and also underplay the role of Skill in the debate of Luck vs Skill. Among these rare second breed, there is an even rarer […]

Stoic Podcast Series 11 – Wit, Wisdom & Wealth by Guy Spier

  To the investing audience, Guy Spier, CIO of Aquamarine funds, needs no introduction. From meeting Warren Buffett accidentally by attending a class just because had a hots for a girl to spending upward of $ 300,000 to have lunch with Warren and then submerging himself in learning the wisdom, he is a fun guy […]

Stoic Podcast Episode 10: Wizard of Risk Management – Ralph Vince

  As you evolve in your journey of stock market investments, you soon realize that stock selection alone doesn’t really take you anywhere. Money management is perhaps the most important aspect of this game which cannot be ignored. If you search the web for money management and risk management, your search most likely would throw […]

Risk Management : Art of Living another day !!!

 GUEST POST Today’s post is by Manish Dhawan, founder of Mystic Wealth and my co-host at Stoic Investing Podcast. I know of very less people, who are as conscious and stringent on Risk management, as Manish is. He follows a very different style than mine. He is a proponent of Trend Following against my Value […]