Identifying Emerging Moats : Part 1

GUEST POST   Markets has no place for eternal cynics/pessimists and an generally optimism is a good trait to have but overoptimism has killed more investors than those who have benefited. Often a balance of optimism and careful cynicism for a large amount of BS that exists, is needed to be a level headed investor. I enjoy conversing with investors who have the talent to…

Fund Management BS Meter

Fund Management is a funny business. A person who wants his money to be managed, always cries about the management fees the fund manager (PMS) is charging. The mutual fund investor cries about the fund management fees. The messiahs of small investors keep on showing how much money the fund manager will take if he gives this much return in this much period and so on.…

Option Writing – Promises and pitfalls

This is a 2-part series to explain the complex world of Option Writing.  You will hear a lot more as we branch out and create educational content on this subject. So stay tuned. The two parts are contradictory. That, in effect, is the way of a stoic. In the first part, we outline our concept of […]

Stoic Podcast Series Ep.7: “Let the numbers talk”

Few organizations go all guns blazing at the hypocrisy of the industry in which they themselves reside. Moneylife is one such organization. Its magazine is a must read and is recommended by many respectable value investors. Today, we bring you our conversation with the co-founder of this fabulous organization. I and my friend, Nooresh Merani, […]

Stoic Podcast Series Ep.6: “The simplicity of Dual Momentum”

  The otherwise perfect theory of “Efficient market hypothesis” has few observations which the academicians ignore as ‘anomalies’. The first such anomaly is ‘Value Investing’ which has consistently proven to outperform the markets if followed with the required rigor and discipline. There have been numerous studies and countless books on the same. One such study […]

The Investing Lab : Bangalore Edition-11th-12th June (Pay as you want workshop)

“Part of my joy in learning is that it puts me in a position to teach” – Seneca I love teaching and the experience so far has been fabulous. It gives me an opportunity to meet some amazing people, learn from them and impart the knowledge which I have to offer . The last workshop […]

Stoic Podcast Series Ep.5: “Torch bearer of a Maverick Organisation”

In our earlier episodes you have seen us unearth some hidden gems, amazing stock pickers from the Indian stock market, their journey and their thought process. Taking the legacy forward Stoic Podcast proudly presents to you our new series on Decision makers where we interview maverick decision makers, people who are making a difference in […]

Stoic Podcast Series Ep.4: “Real life Rags to Riches”

With all due to respect to some amazing investors we have profiled so far, this podcast is by far the best we have done. For the sheer contrast of before and after, for the breathtaking perseverance and for the heart piercing honesty, this podcast will most definitely inspire you like no other. This is more of […]