Stoic Podcast Episode 12 – Winning a Losers Game : Anoop Bhaskar

There are two kinds of people in our Investing industry: Who have little experience of out-performance – that too primarily during a Bull market. Who consistently outperforms, across the market cycles, and also underplay the role of Skill in the debate of Luck vs Skill. Among these rare second breed, there is an even rarer subsection, who are brutally honest in their approach to investing…

Stoic Podcast Series 11 – Wit, Wisdom & Wealth by Guy Spier

  To the investing audience, Guy Spier, CIO of Aquamarine funds, needs no introduction. From meeting Warren Buffett accidentally by attending a class just because had a hots for a girl to spending upward of $ 300,000 to have lunch with Warren and then submerging himself in learning the wisdom, he is a fun guy to talk to and a wise gentleman to learn from.…

Stoic Podcast Episode 10: Wizard of Risk Management – Ralph Vince

  As you evolve in your journey of stock market investments, you soon realize that stock selection alone doesn’t really take you anywhere. Money management is perhaps the most important aspect of this game which cannot be ignored. If you search the web for money management and risk management, your search most likely would throw […]

Option Writing – Promises and pitfalls

This is a 2-part series to explain the complex world of Option Writing.  You will hear a lot more as we branch out and create educational content on this subject. So stay tuned. The two parts are contradictory. That, in effect, is the way of a stoic. In the first part, we outline our concept of […]