Risk Management : Art of Living another day !!!

 GUEST POST Today’s post is by Manish Dhawan, founder of Mystic Wealth and my co-host at Stoic Investing Podcast. I know of very less people, who are as conscious and stringent on Risk management, as Manish is. He follows a very different style than mine. He is a proponent of Trend Following against my Value

Identifying Emerging Moats : Part 1

GUEST POST Markets has no place for eternal cynics/pessimists and an generally optimism is a good trait to have but overoptimism has killed more investors than those who have benefited. Often a balance of optimism and careful cynicism for a large amount of BS that exists, is needed to be a level headed investor. I

Fund Management BS Meter

Fund Management is a funny business. A person who wants his money to be managed, always cries about the management fees the fund manager (PMS) is charging. The mutual fund investor cries about the fund management fees. The messiahs of small investors keep on showing how much money the fund manager will take if he gives

Collar Option Strategy

 This series is an attempt to introduce you to the world of Options and explore the possibilities. As a buy and hold investor, majority of us are not even aware that we can earn regular income out of our holdings, or protect our nest in times of turbulence.  The world of Options is full of

Option Writing – Promises and pitfalls

This is a 2-part series to explain the complex world of Option Writing.  You will hear a lot more as we branch out and create educational content on this subject. So stay tuned. The two parts are contradictory. That, in effect, is the way of a stoic. In the first part, we outline our concept of


Stoic Podcast Ep. 16: Alok Jain – “Weekend Investing : Power of Momentum”

In our 16th episode, we present to you, Mr. Alok Jain. Eugene Fama the father of Efficient Market hypothesis openly admitted to the two anomalies, namely Value and Momentum. While value hunting is considered as Investing, somehow Momentum Investing almost sounds like an oxymoron. A typical buy and hold investor cannot even fathom these two words used in the

Stoic Podcast Ep. 15: Bethany McLean – “The 60 Million Dollar Question”

In our 15th Episode, we present to you Ms Bethany Mclean. All of you must have seen that famous and enchanting documentary, “Smartest guys in the room”. She is the author of the book with the same name behind that documentary. That is not the only claim to fame for Bethany. She has also written “All the devils are here” unearthing

Stoic Podcast Ep. 14: Jack Schwager – Profiling the Profiler

Some books take legendary status because of the breadth and depth of the content and their ability to become a guiding force for its readers. On one end, we have books like “The Intelligent Investor” and “Security Analysis” from Benjamin Graham which are always in an investors reading list. Similarly, if you ask the traders,

Stoic Podcast Ep. 13: Shankar Sharma: Perma Bear Or a Rational Optimist ?

As the saying goes, “I am only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand”. Markets are the best place for all such kind of misinterpretations. The tendency of market participants and the media houses is to take stuff out of context many times. Well, we have with us today, Mr. Shankar Sharma

Stoic Podcast Ep. 12: Winning a Loser’s Game | Anoop Bhaskar

There are two kinds of people in our Investing industry: Who have little experience of out-performance – that too primarily during a Bull market. Who consistently outperforms, across the market cycles, and also underplay the role of Skill in the debate of Luck vs Skill. Among these rare second breed, there is an even rarer